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On set with the Transformers

Sheesh, you wouldn’t believe it’s a Friday with all the crackin’ first-looks and sneak peeks we’ve thrown at you today… and here’s another.

E! Channel broadcast an interview segment with some of the stars of Transformers and we’ve found a copy of it.

You don’t get to see an Autobot smashing the nuts (and bolts) out of a Decepticon but it’s a couple of minutes on a Michael Bay set, chatting with stars Josh Duhamel and Tyrese Gibson - and considering the movie doesn’t unfold in cinemas until 27th July 2007, we’ll take what we can get.

Click here to see the action as Duhamel and Gibson storm a building and things blow up… who else gives you this stuff on a Friday, huh?

Source: ( MichaelBay )