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OMG! First images from Twilight: Eclipse!

Yes, it's the world-shattering moment that millions have been looking forward to since the dawn of time itself began: the first proper images from the new Twilight film!

No, not New Moon, silly… Eclipse! Yes, the movie that David Slade is slaving over in Vancouver even as you read this sentence. Wait, now he's stopped to take a candid snap of one of the crew. Okay, he's back on the job.

But it's the pictures you really want to see, not more of us wittering away so go and enjoy. But be warned, there's a spoiler alert: Edward and Bella are in some woods! Surprising, right? Let us know what you think of them once you take a look.

Bet you love them. Just bet.

Courtesy of IESB . And they were scanned from People Magazine.