Old School Runescape players are finally ready to get a new skill after spending 10 years in 2007

Old School Runescape
(Image credit: Jagex)

Old School Runescape is about to become slightly more new school, as players have voted overwhelmingly to add a new skill to the ancient MMO.

If you can't tell from the title of the game, Old School Runescape is an alternate version of Jagex's legacy MMO that takes players back to the glory days of August 2007, when aside your massive, yellow-gray cube of a monitor there was probably a Monster energy drink, a BlackBerry phone, and your junior year yearbook-turned-mousepad. (Just me?) In the nearly 10 years since its release, Old School Runescape has added new content that wasn't available in 2007, but it's yet to add a new skill, which could be seen as a core update to a game whose titular edict is to remain un-updated.

However, Jagex has received the results of a poll asking the community if it wants a new Old School Runescape skill, and the answer is unequivocally in the affirmative. According to the poll, 80.9% of respondents want to see a new skill added, while just 19.1% say otherwise. Jagex has since responded to the results, promising it'll "work with" the community on a new skill in Old School Runescape in 2023. 

As Jagex points out in the tweet, the new skill will be polled by Old School Runescape in 2023. And as with the decision itself, players will get to help decide which new skill could be added to the game. Jagex says it'll start polling the community on the new skill in mid-January, so keep an eye on the studio's socials for more.

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