Okami dev critical of current games market

Jan 16, 2008

Choosing a console to develop for in the current generation is a tough decision it seems, as ex-Clover boss and Okami producer Atsushi Inaba points out the issues with all three platforms.

Inaba, who's now in the top seat at the newly-formed Seeds studio, highlights Nintendo's dominance of software sales with its first-party titles as the key problem with Wii and DS.

"The Wii and the DS are selling very well, but in terms of software Nintendo is obviously the best-selling developer by far. It has the best understanding of the new market it has created," he says.

"Nintendo can be very happy about the situation right now, but for a developer like us, and we're probably in the majority, the situation is difficult."

Xbox 360's lack of Japanese appeal is clearly a problem, as Inaba theorises: "Our game then might be successful in the US, but there is no market in Japan and I don't have the feeling it is doing that well in Europe."

He also criticises Sony for its "whole behaviour over the price cuts, because the opinion of the entire industry here was against them," although we're not quite sure what he means by that.

And more specifically about developing for PS3, he says: "the power of the brand may be good in Japan and overseas but there are just not enough machines installed."

So what's the answer? "To be honest, we almost wish for a platform on the market that is none of the above," said a seemingly disgruntled Inaba in an interview with UK magazine, Edge.

"But of course this isn't possible, so we'll have to adapt to the market."

Check out the rest of the interview, in which he expresses a desire to redo Okami in the style of Zelda on DS, over atNext Generation.

Courtesy of CVG.