Official Cocaine Bear game is like Pac-Man but you're the ghost and the ghost is a coked-up bear

Cocaine Bear
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In anticipation of the upcoming Cocaine Bear movie, the titular American black bear now has its own game where you chase around and maul people to death. Frankly, this browser game is metal as all hell.

Just in case you haven't heard the incredible true story of Cocaine Bear: In 1985, a 175-pound bear fatally overdosed on $2 million worth of cocaine in the Tennessee wilderness after stumbling upon a cache of the illicit drug, which was abandoned by smugglers being pursued by authorities. Shortly after the bear's death, its body was taxidermised and then changed hands several times, at one point being bought by country singer Waylon Jennings but ultimately winding up at a museum in Kentucky.

Now, 38 years later, the lovingly dubbed Pablo Eskobear is getting his own feature movie, as well as a browser-based video game tie-in called, simply, Cocaine Bear.

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While you'll have to wait until February 24 to see the movie, you can play the game online for free right now. It isn't much; there's a small map with a mobile-friendly aspect ratio, loose cocaine and bags of drugs laying around for you gobble up, and unfortunate human beings for you to rip to shreds. The animation when you kill a person is about as gruesome as you'd imagine, so take this as a content warning.

The official Cocaine Bear plays a lot like Pac-Man, but the relationship between the player and NPCs is reversed. Here, you're on a cocaine-fueled rampage through the woods where the only cure for your appetite is human flesh. You use your arrow keys to run around the map eating humans to reach a high score. The red bags of drugs will give you super speed, and catching the ambulance will grant bonus points and, uh, that's pretty much it. Again, it's probably not something any of us will be playing in a month, but for a goofy marketing ploy, it's worth giving a whirl.

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