Oblivion set to conquer PS3

Above: The locals have been on a diet

Previously, the severe blobby ugliness of our character's mug left us wishing we had a full face helment to hide behind. Though that hardly comes close to the feelings we had when the Emperor's Pillsbury Doughboy visage first turned in our direction. Fortunately, the trimming up of Oblivion 's looks meant when we reintroduced ourselves to Tamriel's inevitably doomed ruler, he was more neat, less meat.

Admittedly, the residents of Cryodiil would still struggle to win a beauty contest in a morgue, but it's easier to respect your comrades - and yourself, of course - when your first thought isn't "Who ate all the pies?" Meanwhile the monsters have gained more visual bite, and you can almost see the sinister hunger flaring in the eyes of a charging minotaur. Call us petty if you want, but we're glad Jenny Craig is no longer needed.

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