Nyko PS3 rumble pad beats Dualshock 3 to shops

After a long wait, the DualShock 3 is finally confirmed for an April 15 release in the US, but third-party peripheral developer Nyko isn't waiting around.

Jumping ahead of Sony's plans, Nyko has launched a new rumble-enabled controller it calls the Zero Wireless in US stores this month.

Not only does it bring rumble to the West more than a month early, it also - as all third-party controllers do - tries to improve on other areas of the official product. It's got a few hours extra battery life, a longer range, an optional battery compartment, backlit LED buttons and aluminum panels to keep hand jam to a minimum.

If you don't mind the fact that it looks like the remote to a radio-controlled car (see below), or the (typically) bad reliability associated with third party pads, you can grab one now. It's $59.99 though, which is $5 more than the official pad will cost.

Nyko hasn't told us whether the pad will make it to the UK. But then, neither has Sony with the DualShock 3...


Courtesy of CVG.

Mar 7, 2008