November issue of PSM hits stands

Our sister magazine PSM - laughably still printed on paper, for some reason - hits newsstands this week, and it packs in a few things you can't get anywhere else. Things like an exclusive four-page blowout on Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, which sheds new light on a handful of the game's upcoming missions. There's also an interview with Rockstar Leeds' studio head, Gordon Hall, in which he talks about Vice City Stories' new take-over-the-town feature, Empire Building.

There's also the cover feature, a juicy nine-page look at the next (and so far unnamed) Def Jam fighter, which takes rapper beatdowns onto the PS3 with photorealistic fighters and insane interactive arenas that move with the music. It has to be seen to be believed, and PSM digs deep into one of the PS3's first truly revolutionary titles. To check it out for yourself, pick up a copy of PSM wherever obsolete, glossy wood-pulp publications are sold.

September 27, 2006