Norwegian PlayStation Move Men are terrifying/awesome in equal measure

From David Lynch-directed efforts starring blind Eskimos, to weird-ass SixAxis nonsense about sentient crow eggs; PlayStation adverts have often been a bit out there in the past. And by ‘out there’ we mean, forgot to take their medication, running around naked in the woods while cocking a shotgun. While Sony America keeps it safe with their VP of Amazing in Kevin Butler, it’s nice/slightly worrying to see the marketing folks in Europe aren’t afraid to embrace a couple of dudes dressed in spandex, wearing Prisoner-style giant balls on their heads, to sell PlayStation Move to the masses.

Man, Norwegians are a brave sort. If we lived in a country where men ran around at night in tight-fitting clothing with glowing golf balls on their bonces, trying to sell us Sony-endorsed entertainment products, we’d probably be shut-ins. Worse, these bastards have seemingly gone all Enemy of the State on our asses, casually sifting through our social networking pages to track down our location and give us Move controllers/murder us in our sleep. Norwegian Radar readers: we salute you.

Still, at least they’re better than the god awful PS Move ad campaign residents of the UK are currently being forced to endure.

Yeah, on second thoughts, we’ll take our chances with the Norwegian condom men. That or spandex-clad KB clones.

Sep 14, 2010

Source: Kotaku

David Meikleham
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