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Steve Rogers' long lost son seemingly returns as Nomad this November

Captain America: Symbol of Truth #7 cover excerpt
(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Marvel has updated its previous teaser for the return of the character Nomad in November's Captain America: Symbol of Truth #7, hinting at which of the previous bearers of the identity may be stepping back into the Nomad mantle.

August 15's initial teaser, seen below, asked the question of which of four previous versions of Nomad - Steve Rogers, Ian Rogers, Jack Monroe, or Rikki Barnes - would return as Nomad in Sam Wilson's starring title. Now, a new update from the publisher seems to hint at which hero it may be, while the issue's cover seemingly confirms the returning Nomad's identity - though oddly enough, the text and image don't exactly imply the same character.

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)
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Marvel's text states that an "old ally long thought dead" will return as Nomad, hinting at Jack Monroe, who was last seen being seemingly killed by the Winter Soldier. 

However, the character on the cover looks more like Ian Rogers, at least in terms of his costume. Ian once seemingly died while working with Sam on his first mission in his original stint as Captain America, but was revealed to have survived thanks to his inborn powers of regeneration. 

Ian was last seen in 2016's Secret Wars: Hail Hydra tie-in limited series, which took place outside regular continuity - meaning his recovery from death could have been retconned. Or, that could be Jack Monroe wearing a version of Ian's suit - but that seems less likely, especially since Sam Wilson and Ian Rogers have a history as allies.

Captain America: Symbol of Truth #7 goes on sale November 23.

Original story follows...

Nomad, the identity once used by Steve Rogers during his first departure from active duty as Captain America, is returning in the pages of Sam Wilson's ongoing Captain America: Symbol of Truth title.

Though Marvel Comics has revealed the return of Nomad, the publisher's announcement also poses the question of which version of Nomad we'll see return, along with an accompanying graphic showing the four different people who have previously used the identity of Nomad.

"Nomad returns this November, but who will bear the mantle this time?" it asks.

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)
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From left to right, there's Steve Rogers, who took the mantle back in the '70s after becoming disillusioned with the US government (yes, he really wore that costume). Then there's Ian Rogers, Steve's adopted son who took the mantle after returning to Earth with Steve after a stint in an alternate dimension known as Dimension Z. 

Third is Jack Monroe, the former sidekick of replacement Captain America William Burnside, who once went by the codename Bucky. And finally there's another Bucky in the mix, Rikki Barnes, the Bucky of the 'Heroes Reborn' reality who was transported to the core Earth-616 reality.

Captain America: Symbol of Truth focuses on Sam Wilson as he shares the mantle of Captain America with Steve Rogers, using his own costume and brand new shield. The title runs concurrently with the Steve Rogers-starring title Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty.

Nomad's return will take place in November's Captain America: Symbol of Truth #7, as part of the 'Pax Mohannda' story arc. Keep an eye on Newsarama for Marvel's November 2022 solicitations, coming later this month.

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