No Mii support for third-party devs

Third-party developers are currently unable to integrate the use of personalized Mii characters in their games, it has been revealed.

The custom characters created in the Mii Channel and stored on the Wii's internal memory can be used as playable characters in Wii Sports and Wii Play.

Being able to make your own universal character is a pretty cool feature, so why hasn't it been used in more games? EA producer, Eric Chartrand, has told that Nintendo is yet to supply them with the tools to integrate Miis into their games.

Above: Will this happy couple still be smiling when they discover that the awesomeHitlerMii they made can't be used as a quarterback in Madden?

The cartoony style of the Mii characters wouldn't suit every game, but it would be great to see Mii integration in more games, particularly in EA's MySims.

Nintendo was unavailable to comment on whether the necessary tools will be eventually supplied. Check back later for the feedback.

March 6, 2007