Nintendo's Big Secret

Kid Icarus
Probability: 97%

What is it?
Released in 1987 for the NES and last year for the Virtual Console, you play as Pit - a young angel equipped with a magic bow, vying to defeat Medusa - that chick with all them snakes in her hair. Filled with Greek mythology, it was kind of like a G-rated prequel to God of War. Utilizing the same game engine as the original Metroid, you platformed and shot magical arrows on your way to restoring peace to Angel Land. A GameBoy sequel followed suit, utilizing the Metroid II engine.

Translating that to the Wii shouldn’t be too difficult. We’d want the same engine as Mario Galaxy to be used with similar platforming and flight mechanics (like the Bee suit in Galaxy). We’d also prefer to have some vertical scrolling levels like the original, something already playable in Brawl’s Subspace Emissary mode.

Above: Will we see Pit go all Kratos on the Underworld’s ass?

Yes, very… if recent internet rumblings are anything to be believed. IGN has been droppingZeus-sized hintson their podcast that Pit’s next adventure will be revealed at E3, while Kombo just got their hands ona bunch of alleged concept artfrom Factor 5 - the developers rumored to be handling the game. Pit’s already appeared as a trophy in Smash Bros. Melee and even in WarioWare: Smooth Moves masterfully playing a cello. And one or two of you may have noticed Pit as a playable character in Smash Bros. Brawl, where he’s getting massive exposure to audiences who haven’t heard of him before. Plus, why would Nintendo completely redesign a character that hasn’t been seen in 17 years in his own game - and 90 percent of the people playing Smash Bros. don't know who he is - if not for the chance of utilizing him soon?