Nintendo to unveil new mainstream games in July

Nintendo's mass-market domination plan has beenquite effectiveover this past year, with games like Wii Sports and Brain Training helping the Wii and DS to see huge success at retail. But what's next for the mainstream consumer?

Big Brain Academy 2 aside, Nintendo has only mentioned Wii Health and Wii Music as two games to continue the legacy, but Nintendo has a few surprises in store, according to NOA's George Harrison.

More games targeting that audience are on the way, Harrison told Wired. "We're going to unveil some additional products for the expanded audience at E3 in July," he confirmed.

Further hinting on future developments for the Wii, he said that Nintendo is working on making original game downloads available.

"That's definitely something we're working on. ...I can't tell you now exactly when that'll be, but it's important to us. We're still rolling out six to ten great Virtual Console games, of our legacy games, every week, but we know that in the future we're going to need to be able to add new content to that."

In the not too distant future, we hope.

May 29, 2007