Nintendo gets Jenga

Everybody's favorite real-life block-puzzler is due to arrive on Wii and DS this November, courtesy of Atari and Atomic Planet. It seems like the ideal applicationfor the tactile goodness of Nintendo's current hardware, provided Atomic Planet can keep a steady hand, and doesn't let it all come tumbling down in a fit of drunken giggling.

Both solo and multiplayer modes are offered, and "sophisticated" physics are promised (as opposed to "poorly-dressed" ones). It'll be interesting to see just how the classic block-stacking format is jazzed up to make it more than just a distraction for boozy pub-goers or fun-loving families. Or both, even, depending on your family.

Above: Videogame Jenga offers a variety of power-ups. We're thinking they're not going to be a packet of peanuts and a pint of lager

July 9, 2007