Nintendo DSi launch at CityWalk!

How do you celebrate the launch of Nintendo's latest handheld? With celebrities, music, and fireworks, of course. We flew down to Universal City, CA to check out the midnight launch of the Nintendo DSi at the CityWalk Gamestop. Aside from getting plenty of free swag, mainly some nifty DSi accessories, and no DSi (sigh...), we took some photos of the event's main attractions.

Above: The launch of a third version of an existing console is a big deal!

Above: OMG! Kevin Periera of G4's "Attack of the Show" leading the countdown to midnight!

Above: You and I will wait almost two and a half more hours...

Above: Video game art group I Am 8-bit signed and gave away posters and t-shirts to adoring fans

Above: Yes, they were totally rad and awesome.

Playable DSi stations were scattered around CityWalk for people to play around with the system's newest features, including two cameras, new audio functions, and downloadable games.

Above: .3 megapixels of DSi camera goodness

Above: Printing stations were also available at the event. That photo was taken with a DSi!

Above: VJs like to play with DSis too! These two actually mixed some of the music with real Nintendo DSis

Special musical guests Gym Class Heroes also entertained the crowd while they waited until midnight.

Above: Girls love them

Above: The first ten people who pre-ordered a DSi got to meet Gym Class Heroes

We didn't, but at least we got some free swag:

Apr 6, 2009