Nintendo DS Browser comes to America

Once again, Nintendo is showing Opera more appreciation than Frasier Crane. Awful references aside, the Nintendo DS is finally getting a retail internet browser powered by Opera, similar to the downloadable feature the Wii has been enjoying at no charge. The pack is currently setting our friends across the pond back 39.99 EURO. Though no price has been set stateside, if it's anything other than free,its reasonable to assume it'llcost 100% more than any otherinternet browser you've ever used.

Above: Dont' fret. English shouldfeature prominently in the US version, and won't require you to learn a new language

June 4, 2007 should be a momentous day for people who own a DS, but haven't yet heard of the internet. Accessing emails, instant messages and viral videos should be just a few of the features offered by the prestigious Nintendo DS Browser. Our prediction? The DS will instantly prove to be the absolute, second best way to surf the web while eating atMcDonalds, distantly trailing a working laptop.

March 15, 2007