Nintendo Direct September date rumored with a focus on Metroid Dread

Metroid Dread
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A  Nintendo Direct September date has sprung up thanks to a leaker.

Just below, you can see a tweet from @SamusHunter2, a fairly storied leaker with a track record of leaking Nintendo-related details. This time around, the leaker claims that we'll be treated to a new Nintendo Direct presentation at some point in September, in less than two months from now.

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The leaker also claims that the presentation should take place around the same time that WarioWare: Get It Together launches, which is currently scheduled to release on September 14. Additionally, the leaker themselves can't say for certain which games we'll definitely see at the new Nintendo Direct presentation due to plans being in flux.

That being said, they do claim that it's very likely the presentation will focus on Metroid Dread. Revealed last month in June at a bumper Nintendo Direct presentation, Metroid Dread is the first new 2D Metroid game in roughly 19 years, setting the stage for Samus to face off against a vicious new enemy called the E.M.M.I. in a direct sequel to Metroid Fusion. Metroid Dread is currently slated to launch later this year on October 8.

Another game that should be spotlighted in the new Nintendo Direct is Mario Party Superstars. Launching slightly later than Metroid Dread on October 29, Mario Party Superstars is bring back classic modes and maps from the storied series to play through with your friends, as well as five classic-looking board games from the Nintendo 64 era.

Don't get excited for any mention of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild sequel or Splatoon 3 during the event, though. The leaker notes that so far, they haven't heard anything about the former game appearing at the presentation in September, and although the Splatoon 3 marketing campaign should be kicking into full gear right around then, it's possible it also won't make an appearance. We will however have an Indie Direct presentation to look forward to before this showcase in September, according to the leaker, which is always a treat for smaller games.

For more on the big Metroid revival, you can head over to our full Metroid Dread interview with storied producer and director Yoshio Sakamoto.

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