The $1000 Wii

Zelda and Wii. Two of our favoritest slices of Nintendo brilliance. So when we found out some talented scamp had managed to combine the two, in a breathtaking piece of technical and artistic wizardry, we almost choked on our sandwich. Ramon Stokes tells us about his rather ingenious and wondrous combination creation, which ended up selling for $1,276 on eBay.

That’s some amazing work you’ve done there. What gave you the idea to create a special Zelda-style Wii?

Stokes: I was really excited when I discovered the sword and shield. I kept trying to think of a cool way to display them knowing there was no way I would have the discipline to keep them sealed up in the box. I’ve never done a Nintendo console mod before, but I’d been trying to think of a really cool Wii mod for some time, so when I found the replicas it seemed like a completely natural combination. The project was entirely centered around having those replicas, so without them you wouldn’t be reading this today.