Nicolas Cage stars in trailer for Halloween thriller Pay The Ghost

The first trailer for Nicolas Cage's thriller Pay The Ghost has surfaced online, starring the former bat-eater as a family man whose loses his son at a Halloween parade. The real horror for Cage's character Mike Cole isn't the ghouls and ghosts banging on his door demanding candy, but the increasingly horrific visions and messages now taunting his every waking moment.

Alongside Cage is The Walking Dead's Sarah Wayne Callies playing Cole's estranged wife, who joins forces with him to try and figure out the bizarre mystery surrounding the child's disappearance. By the looks of things, this isn't your normal missing persons case. See for yourself below.

Blending crime and supernatural elements, this definitely packs in some spooky echoes (particularly towards the end). However, as Cage's track record for horror-tinged thrillers hasn't yielded strong results (ahem, The Wicker Man and Season Of The Witch) there's reason to be dubious about this one. Find out if it's any good or just plain goofy when Pay The Ghost opens in the US on September 25, followed by a UK release on October 23.

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Gem Seddon

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