Next Xbox tipped for 2012 launch

Talk about getting ahead of yourself. In an interview from EGM, Peter Moore has said that the production team behind the creation of Xbox 360 is already working on theXbox One.

Moore even went as far as saying that Xbox 360's successor could launch around 2012, as the team of tech-heads are looking into what kind of computing power would be available around that time frame. The Olympic Games don't stand a chance against a new Xbox.

In other 360 news, we're getting word that Microsoft could soon ditch the Xbox 360 Core version. That's the one without the hard drive and wireless pad that currently goes for around $300.

We think it makes perfect sense to drop the cheaper model, as the Premium System is a bargain in its own right. By now everyone that has a 360 should be online (or close to it) and for that you need a hard drive. We've put the call into Microsoft who kindly told us that they don't comment on rumors.

It wouldn't surprise us if Sony's lite PS3 model eventually left shelves, too. You'd only end up spending more in the long run anyway.

We'll keep you posted, as always.

March 13, 2007