Next Borderlands 2 DLC revealed

The next Borderlands 2 DLC pack will be called Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep. Scheduled for release on June 25, it will be the fourth and final piece of DLC released free to season pass holders. Standalone, it will cost $9.99 on PC and PS3 and 800 MSP (£6.85 / $10) on Xbox 360, Joystiq reports. Further details are expected to be released soon.

Borderlands 2 launched last September and shipped six million units in 2012, according to publisher Take-Two. We said of the Gearbox developed shooter-RPG hybrid in our Borderlands 2 review: “If you like to shoot, and you dig collecting loot, Borderlands 2 has enough to scratch your itch for some time to come.”