One of the most exciting Xbox 360 games for 2007 isMass Effect, the hot new RPG from powerhouse developer BioWare (Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic). In September, Microsoft hosted theX06 conferencein Barcelona to give us a look at its lineup. The Mass Effect trailer there dazzled attendees, and it's finally going to hit Xbox Live and the official website this Friday... meaning tomorrow. We'll link you tothe forum threadwith its measly details, just so you know for sure. What we are sure of is this - this is one of the games of 2007. Keep your eyes peeled for more.

Fixing Vegas

Shooting the hell out of your friends inRainbow Six Vegas? We are - but that doesn't mean the game doesn't have problems. Apparently it hasa laundry listof them, because Ubisoft's official forums have been graced witha whole mess of fixeswe can expect to see go live... soon. The post doesn't say exactly when. But if you want the full details of what you'll see get fixed up, check it out -right here.

Virtua siter

Sega has launchedthe official Virtua Fighter 5 site... but it's pretty damn empty right now. Outside of a movie that plays when you load it up, all you can do is read some pretty generic game info and look at screens (while listening to the series' patented blend of tuneless synth-rock.) Why are we sending you there? We know there will be good stuff later, so we figure you can bookmark it now. Meanwhile, our latesthands-on impressions,screensandmovieswill ease the pain.

Rockin' the zone

If you've been playingRayman Raving Rabbids, you may have noticed that you get an "internet code" when you complete a minigame in score attack mode. You can plug these in to the official website,, to compete globally against other players for the best score. Want to see how you stack up? Here's your chance.

New screens

Ar tonelico (PS2)
Bladestorm: The Hundred Years War (PS3,360)
Bionicle Heroes (PS2)
Burnout Dominator (PS2,PSP)
Justice League Heroes (DS)
Trioncube (DS)

New videos

Battlestations: Midway (PC)
Secret Files: Tunguska (PC)
Star Wars: Lethal Alliance (PSP)

December 7, 2006