War gold

We don't usually report on this kind of thing - it's boring - buttoday Microsoft has announcedthat Gears of War has gone gold. Finished. Done development. Ready to go. And in celebration of its completion, Next Generation has put upan interviewwith the game's Lead Designer Cliff Bleszinski. His good word? "I don’t know if it’s ever possible to be fully satisfied but my gut tells me, 'yes'. I sit down and I play the game and I have a blast with it, whether it be single player, versus or co-op." We can only hope we all feel the same way in a few weeks - otherwise we're all out $60, because it's not like anyone's going to be waiting on reviews for this one. For more of Cliffy's penetrating insight, click here and drink deep of the Kool-Aid. And if that's not enough, we have anew trailer, too.


Ubisoft has reported its financial data today - again, boring, boring stuff we'd never talk about, though Next Generationboils it downif you're an accountant in training (or a forum troll). No, we'll thank Game|Life for pulling outthe important info: Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 by April next year, Assassin's Creed and Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway pushed beyond that date and 14 Wii titles - some unannounced - to debut in that timeframe as well. Someone loves Nintendo!

Lend Next Gen your ears

If you've got an hour to kill - long commute? -the Next Generation podcastis one of the best ways to do it. We think. And not because we're owned by the same company. All right, honestly, that is why. But these guys do know their stuff - and the guests keep getting better and better. This week, Cliff Bleszinski (Gears of War) and Gabe Newell (Half-Life 2) both offer themselves up to the Pod-God. So have alistenand learn something about what two of the biggest minds in blowing the faces off of aliens have to think about this bizarre business they're in.

Capcom may cry

As of today, popular import shop NCS has brought inthe Japanese versionofPhoenix Wright: Justice for All. Why is this interesting to people who prefer their game websites in English? We'll clue you in: though it won't be hitting the US to next year, the Japanese version contains the fully-translated English script and costs a mere $32. If you can't wait for Phoenix's next case... this might be the way to go.

New screens

Far Cry Vengeance (Wii)
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories (PSP)
The Warriors (PSP)
Star Wars: Empire at War - Forces of Corruption (PC)
Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising (PC)
Star Trek Encounters (PS2)

New videos

Gears of War (360)
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas (360)
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories (PSP)
Sonic the Hedgehog (PS3,360)
Marvel Ultimate Alliance (PC,PSP,PS2,PS3,Wii,Xbox,360)

October 25, 2006