See Cooking Mama on Wii

Majesco has already announced a US release for Cooking Mama: Cook Off for Wii, a new edition of the way too cute cooking sim that hit the DS earlier this year (check out our DS Cooking Mamareviewif you're curious.) It'll hit sometime early next year. Today, Game Watch brings us the firstscreenshotsof the Wii version - if you'd like to see them for yourself, just click through to the story (and scroll past the Japanese text.) It looks... a lot like the DS version. Hopefully it'll be more fun. The not-quite-real food, well, it even looks kind ofcreepy. When it comes to wacky and cute, the Wii is filling up even faster than the DS did - we can't wait to see where we'll be in a year.

Watch out - Wii's here

Kotaku's resident reporter in Japan, Brian Ashcraft, got his hands on a Wii. Best story to come out of the launch? Thisbreakdownof the safety warnings that come with the system. Our favorite is either "don't smack your friend in the face with the Wiimote" or "don't let your stupid little brother eat a twist tie." But you can choose for yourself by clicking through to thestory...

Winning The World

Were you curious about.hack//G.U.? It might have got lost in the shuffle created by more epic fall RPGs - like Final Fantasy XII and Tales of the Abyss. If that happens to be the case, just head over to the official.hack//G.U. siteand enter the Ultimate Fan Sweepstakes. You might win the game, strategy guide, T-shirt or (oh noes) a life-size cardboard standee of one of the game's characters. Good luck with that one...

Breaking eggs

Usually, the not-so-friendly rivalry between fans of two consoles creates only incoherent rambling on online forums. Not so this time. Joystiq pointed us toward a really slickWii videothat's a take off on one of thePS3's commercials. Joystiq is backing the Wii version; we like both. Hell, we like both consoles. We're some kind of crazy whirlwind of sense in a world of hate! That's, hopefully, why you love us. You love us, right?


Now this one feels a bit odd. Hot on the heels of news that it's devoting an entire US studio to developing for the Wii, comes the revelation that publishing behemoth EA is stocking up on developers to create DS and Wii games... in Japan. Why not go right to the source? It only makes sense. If you'd like to see the slick ad that ran in Japanese game mag Famitsu, why not click over to Game|Life. We'll wait. We can only hope this means one thing, though: cool and creative games from EA. Only time will tell, there. This Superman Returns stuff obviously isn't working.

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December 4, 2006