Newsdump 09-25

Wii surplus for US?

Nintendo has repeatedly stated that there will be more than enough Wii consoles to go around when the system launches on November 19. Encouragingly, the claim is thatshelves will stay fullbecause Nintendo will crank out the Wii by the truck, boat, and trainload, with a total of a full one million units (according to Nintendo of Canada) hitting store shelves on launch day.

This stands in stark contrast to Sony's plan to avoid launch shortages, which is apparently to just make the PS3 so jaw-droppingly expensive that nobody can afford one -thereby assuring thatthestore shelves showcasingNorthAmerica's measly, 400,000-unit PS3rationbeginning on November 17 will stay well stocked.

Mortal Kombat characters are from Chicago

At least, according to their MySpace pages.ScorpionandSub-Zerohave both put updiarieson the popular online blog site. Scorpion seems to be the more congenial of the two thus far, but both have already accrued nearly 1000 friends as of this writing. Streaming MP3s of the MK characters' new emo bands are expected any day now.

Your next portable system from Apple?

Our companion site Next Generation has posted a very interestingstoryoutlining the idea that Apple may be poised to sneak into the game console business. And we're not just talking about casual games plopped onto your iPod. It's a little business-oriented, but it's a very interesting thing to think about.

After all, the Mac is such a front-running gaming rig...

Top Spin 2 goes PC

Hot on the heels of failed experiment American McGee's Bad Day LA - which arrived on the scene with the same sloppy, "goosh" sound that a paper bag of crap would make if you threw it at your monitor - fledgling publisher Aspyr has announced a new release that would stick to a safer subject - tennis.

More specifically, Aspyr will be releasing the PC version of 2K's tennis sim Top Spin 2, already out for Xbox 360, GBA, and DS. We're guessing the game will basically be a port of the 360 version, but considering Aspyr had the poor judgment to release Bad Day LA, we suppose it's possible they've been talked into signing off on a PC port of the GBA version.

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