New Xbox Series X headset was secretly revealed before the console was even out

Xbox Series X Commercial
(Image credit: Microsoft)

The brand-new Xbox headset that was just announced today was teased way back in October in the Xbox Series X launch trailer. How's that for foresight?

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Xbox social media manager Josh Stein took to Twitter to share the news, which shows that even some Microsoft employees had no idea that the headset worn by Daniel Kaluuya in the Xbox Series X/Xbox Series S launch trailer 'Power your Dreams' was the future official Xbox Series X wireless headset. Stein also points out that the Xbox Series S was on Phil Spencer's bookshelf back in July, which of course none of us noticed, and wonders if there's any other major Xbox releases hidden in older marketing materials. "Literally have no clue if anything else is hidden," Stein writes. "But I won't mind as someone on the social team if everyone goes back and drops views on content."

The official Xbox Series X wireless headset boasts 15 hours of battery life after a three-hour charge, with rotating earcup dials and the ability to use accessories to tailor things like bass boost and the brightness on the headset's lights. It'll run you $100/£90, which seems like a pretty reasonable price for a wireless headset with this feature set, and it looks pretty damn slick, too. You'll be able to grab the headset on March 16. In the meantime, we'll be here wondering what else has Xbox been dangling right in front of our eyes. 

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