New What If...? Hasbro action figures reveal interesting clues about the Disney Plus series

Hasbro What If...? figures
(Image credit: Hasbro / Marvel Studios)

Marvel Studios' What If...? hasn't yet revealed the MCU storylines it's spinning on its ear beginning August 11, but a few new 6-inch action figures revealed by Hasbro inspired by the Disney Plus series have seemingly put a few new clues out there.

In addition to the 'Captain Carter,' 'T'Challa Star-Lord,' 'Hydra Stomper,' and 'Zombie Captain America' figures that come out of familiar images from the trailers, new to the scene is 'Zombie Hunter Spidey.' Marvel's Friendly Neighborhood Wall-Crawler wearing Doctor Strange's Cloak of Levitation has been previously revealed by other merchandise but this figure reveals it'll be a part of the Marvel Zombies episode, perhaps suggesting Doctor Strange becomes a victim of zombies and maybe even becomes a zombie himself in the story.

Hasbro What If...? 'Zombie Hunter Spidey' figure (Image credit: Hasbro / Marvel Studios)

And speaking of Doctor Strange - who more and more seems central to the entire What If..? franchise - his figure features something of a twist on his costume not seen in the What If…? trailers. It's called 'Doctor Strange Supreme,' which is interesting considering he's already the Earth's Sorcerer Supreme.

Maybe this suggests an episode (perhaps even the same one) in which Strange elevates to even greater power-stature than Sorcerer Supreme?

Hasbro What If...? 'Doctor Strange Supreme' figure (Image credit: Hasbro / Marvel Studios)

As a reminder, What If…? retells familiar MCU storylines from the films but with an alternate reality twist, like if Yondu abducted a young T'Challa in Wakanda instead of Peter Quill, Peggy Carter became a super-soldier instead of Steve Rogers, and 'what if' Erik Killmonger from Black Panther showed up in the opening minutes of Iron Man, saving Tony from that first attacked in the desert and, presumably, inadvertently preventing him from ever building the Iron Man armor. 

Finally, as part of the figures revealed by Hasbro, there is 'Heist Nebula,' which features the Guardians of the Galaxy character with long blond hair as opposed to her familiar bald skull and a lack of cybernetic enhancements and limbs - which Thanos essentially tortured her by adding and replacing in the mainstream MCU.

Hasbro What If...? 'Heist Nebula' figure (Image credit: Hasbro / Marvel Studios)

Other images of her 'sister' Gamora from toys and the What If..? poster show her carrying a double-bladed weapon like the one Thanos wields in Avengers: Endgame. This might suggest a story in which Gamora deposes of Thanos before he experiments on Nebula and takes his place in searching for the Infinity Stones. Maybe this twist on continuity produces a less-tortuous reality for Nebula and she takes her sister's place in some sort of Guardians-like plot to acquire the Power Stone or others?

The figures will be available for sale in the fall, according to Hasbro. Here's a look at a gallery at all seven of the Hasbro figures revealed. 

Is What If...? just a low-key trailer for 2022's Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness? We look at the clues.

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