New Sonic movie poster is a spot-on homage to the Sonic 2 game box art

Sonic the Hedgehog
(Image credit: Paramount)

The new Sonic the Hedgehog 2 movie poster is one big reference to the classic Sonic 2 box art. 

The artwork, which debuted upon Sonic 2's release 30 years ago, depicts Jim Carrey's Dr. Robotnik leering over a checkered "2" pulled straight from the classic Sega Genesis cover. Front and center are Sonic and Tails, though the movie poster has them in much more action-oriented poses than the original game.

There's also the addition of a location instead of an ombre-styled backdrop like the original box art featured. It appears Sonic and Tails are standing in front of a waterfall with a glowing structure behind them as well during golden hour. Sonic and Tails are soaking up the lighting, natch.  

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Everything about the promotional artwork seems meant to evoke that specific type of Sonic nostalgia fans carry with them, from the cast and characters and that huge "2" to the entire vibe. Even the movie's tagline, "Welcome to the Next Level", references a classic Sega Genesis ad campaign. 

In this sequel, Sonic has settled down in Green Hills, but is eager to prove himself as a hero. The return of Dr. Robotnik, who's now working with Knuckles, marks the perfect time for him to reveal how tough he can be. Sonic gears up with his own sidekick, Tails, to set off on a journey to procure a mystical emerald that Robotnik and Knuckles are after before they get it first. 

The poster is just the latest piece of promotional material ahead of Sonic the Hedgehog 2's theatrical release next month on April 8. Given the response to the original film, we could have another fun video game adaptation on our hands, though it's still a bit too early to tell. If nothing else though, it looks like a good reason to sit around and think about the good old days of Sonic. 

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Brittany Vincent