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New Sonic game will hopefully "lay the foundation for the following future Sonic titles”

Sonic Team new Game
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The boss of Sonic Team has stated that he hopes the team’s next game will have the same effect as Sonic Adventure back in 1998. 

In an interview with Sonic Stadium, Takashi Iizuka, stated that: “I really hope that this new title releasing in 2022 lays the foundation for the following future Sonic titles” which he also notes was happened with Sonic Adventure in the late 90s that “laid the foundation for 20 years of Sonic titles after its release.”

As announced during the Sonic Central live stream last month, Sonic Team is currently working on a mysterious new project which is due to release in 2022. We only got to see a brief teaser trailer that left us with more questions than answers; however, we’re still excited to see what the team behind Sonic Generations will come up with. 

Elsewhere in the Sonic Stadium interview, Iizuka was asked for more information about the upcoming title however was reluctant to share much noting that: “Since this title is still mid-development there is nothing I can speak to, but I did want to say that the development team has been spending their time to do something new and challenging.” 

Fans will have to sit tight for now and wait for more news on the next Sonic Team game, but Iizuka has reassured us that “the team is looking to present to everyone a new Sonic game,” and he hopes that the support from fans will motivate the team to deliver a game worthy enough to be compared to Sonic Adventure. 

In the meantime, fans of the speedy blue hedgehog have a lot to look forward to over the next year or so, with a Sonic Colors: Ultimate remaster coming this September, which got an exclusive gameplay trailer at E3’s Future Game Show, as well as a nostalgic collection of original Sonic games called Sonic: Origins which will bring Sonic 1, 2, 3, and Sonic & Knuckles to current-gen consoles next year. 

We should hear more about Sonic Team’s upcoming game over the next few months however we do know that it will be available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, and PC - sometime in 2022. 

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