New shots of DarkStar One

New shots of the operatic space combat adventure DarkStar One have surfaced on the long range scanners today. You'll explore over 300 planets, nebulas and asteroid belts aboard the DarkStar One - the experimental spacecraft you've inherited by your murdered father. Unlike a standard role-playing game where your character would normally get a shiny new blaster pistol or a fancy hat, the ship itself is the game's main focus. This mysterious vessel is especially designed to accept any manner of add-ons and modifications. As you uncover the secrets of the galaxy - and the murky conspiracy behind your father's death - you'll discover new technology that can help you in your search. The weapons, armor and alien propulsion systems you find can all be integrated into the very special DarkStar One.

DarkStar One is readying for launch on August 14.

June 26, 2006