New Sacred 2 screens

Action-RPG sequel Sacred 2: Fallen Angel is unsheathing its fantasy blade on PC and Xbox 360 and we've been buried under a deluge of new media from the game. Read this informative article and then hit theImagestab at the top of the screen and clamp you eyes on our new screenshots.

Sacred 2 is set some 2,000 years before events in the original game which released on PC, players adventuring in the land of Ancaria and caught up in a plot involving T-Energy which has worn "down the land and lures its denizens into fear and chaos."

It's all gone 3D this time around - unlike the previous title's isometric viewpoint - and you play one of six heroes which you can individualize by specializing in various branches of magic and combat as you rampage through the promised 650 quests in a veritable orgy of killing and leveling.

June 29, 2007