New Resident Evil 5 details emerge

It sounds like the majority of 5 will be played from the same third-person, over the shoulder perspectiveas 4. Takeuchi also promises a surprise, whichhe feels is an obvious evolution for gameplay.

Finally, the Japanese producer touched upon how important light is and there'll be plenty of what sounds like High Dynamic Range Lighting in the game to us.

He gave the example of Chris walking into a building that has a pitch black interior and having to wait a second for his eyes adjust. The same will go for when you run outside. Cue shit-scary zombie-ghoul surprise moments when the screen's in full glare.

We can't wait. But it doesn't look like we'll be getting our hands on it anytime soon, plus it's not been announced when exactlythe game willappearin 2008. We don't even know if it will be 2008, but that doesn't bear thinking about. Thanks to Famitsu for a sprinkling of new details (via IGN).

July 18, 2007