New Need for Speed PSP screens

While cruising around in our pimped-out rides last night, we saw something shiny caught in our headlights - turns out it was a bunch of screenshots from the forthcoming Need for Speed Carbon: Own the City on PSP. Just hit the Images tab for more.

The screens show some very attractive cars decorated with their crew tags, racing through varied night-time environments. Although the cars do look slightly less rounded at the edges than those in the PS2 game, we think you'll agree it's looking sexy.

This is a slightly different game to the full-fat console version, hence the subtitle, but most of the main features are in. Own the City promises full car customization and part-morphing with the new Autosculpt mode, and there's a new interactive crew feature that lets you take a wingman into races with you.

Free-roaming is also set to make it across, even though previous NFS PSP versions were forced to drop it. Whatever the case, we'll have more on Need for Speed Carbon: Own the City as we get closer to its Oct. 31 release.

October 12, 2006