New manga Witch of Thistle Castle is "Harry Potter meets Charmed"

The cover for Witch of Thistle Castle Vol. 1
(Image credit: Titan Comics)

You may have noticed that witches are a pretty big deal right now. WitchTok videos are clocking up millions of views worldwide, while books about witches have seen a huge spike in sales over the last few years. The latest release from Titan Comics' growing manga imprint aims to capitalize on the trend. 

Witch of Thistle Castle is written and drawn by John Tarachine, and translated by Jonathan Clements and Motoko Tamamuro. The new series (described by the publisher as, "A Japanese spin on Harry Potter and Charmed!") follows witch Marie Blackwood as she tries to avoid the attention of a repressive church, while also protecting her 13-year-old apprentice Theo. 

You can take a look at pages from the first volume, due for release in September, in the gallery below.

Here's Titan's official blurb for the new release:

"Spirits and magic are everywhere in the streets of Edinburgh - if only you dare to see it!

Dive into this heartfelt manga about a witch and her apprentice as they try to find their place in a world that hates their very existence.

The last in a long line of Witches of the Black Wood, Marie Blackwood lives a quiet life in Edinburgh - away from the scrutiny of the Church.

But when the Church thrusts 13-year-old Theo into her hands for safekeeping, Marie suddenly gains the responsibility not just of taking care of a teenager - but protecting the world and Theo himself, from the amazing power that lives inside of him."

The cover for Witch of Thistle Castle Vol 1 depicts a woman reclining in a chair.

(Image credit: Titan Comics)

Titan Manga launched last year as an umbrella brand for the company's growing selection of manga properties, such as Assassin's Creed, Afro Samurai, and Sherlock. The label has also released several new titles in partnership with StoneBot Comics, including English translations of Kamen Rider: Kuuga and Atom: The Beginning.

Witch of Thistle Castle Vol 1 is published by Titan Manga on September 5.

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