New Line signs Gears of War movie license

New Line Cinema has won the rights to the upcoming motion-picture adaptation of Gears of War.

Australian screenwriter, Stuart Beattie, headed up the proposal with a 21-page treatment for the motion picture, which will be produced by Marty Bowen (The Nativity Story) and Wyck Godfrey (Alien Vs Predator 2, Eragon ), reports

Above: If the movie has half as much of this as the game has, it'll be a shoe-in for Best Picture

Beattie previously wrote big-name films such as Collateral and Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl.

There's not even been so much as a hint of the plot, but we trust it will involve plenty of shooting and gore. We want to see some chainsaw scenes in there.

March 21, 2007