New hero brawler is basically the Avengers of PvP with devs from League of Legends, Overwatch, Apex Legends, and Valorant

Project Loki
(Image credit: Theorycraft Games)

A bunch of developers who've worked on games like League of Legends, Overwatch, Apex Legends, Valorant, Halo, and even Destiny have formed a new studio to make a hero-based PvP game of their own.

Developer Theorycraft Games revealed what's currently known as Project Loki today, alongside an early opportunity to "register your interest in playtesting" on the official site. When that playtest will happen is anyone's guess, but the game looks decently playable in the reveal trailer starring Theorycraft CEO Joe Tung, formerly executive vice president on League of Legends as well as executive producer at Bungie for both Destiny and Halo. 

Project Loki has been pitched as a "squad-based hero battleground" blending a mix of genres that draws on its team's design experience. The studio says playtesters have described it as "League meets Apex meets Smash" and is eager to use that phrase for itself. "We love that description and can only hope to live up to it," Tung says. League of Legends' DNA is handily the most visible, so I'm assuming Apex Legends and Super Smash Bros. will come into play in subtler, more mechanical ways. 

The reveal footage is "pre pre pre pre pre alpha," and Theorycraft is quick to assure players that the game is "still a work-in-progress" down to "meta-progression, competitive features, hero concepts, environmental design, and final art." That said, the broad strokes are legible here. 

Project Loki looks like a brawler with a top-down, MOBA-esque perspective, but its maps seem much more open than the traditional three-lane setup, with quite a bit of verticality, traversal (I spy a glider), plus some hazards and pitfalls in the level design. A whole mess of what look like abilities and items are visible on the hot bar, which lines up with Tung's assurances regarding builds. 

"In a session of Loki, you'll assemble your squad from our roster of heroes," he says of the game. "You'll put together totally unique builds with exotic powers and equipment. You'll out-play other teams in sprawling, free-flowing battles. You'll run the edge of a huge world in the sky and dream up crazy strategies in our combat sandbox." 

"If you're coming from a MOBA like League or DOTA, we think you'll appreciate the difference and quickly learn how to express your own unique play style," Tung adds. A press release likewise affirms the studio's hopes of delivering the "next 10,000-hour game." 

There's no telling when this game will be out or playable in any capacity, but you can hit that playtest signup for the time being. Platforms are also unclear, but PC is a safe bet. 

Meanwhile, League of Legends is breaking into other genres. Check out our Convergence: A League of Legends Story review for a rundown on its Metroidvania. 

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