Intense new GTA Online Adversary mode makes every bullet count

If you're the type to hurl expletives as well as you hurl explosives in GTA 5, you might want to soundproof your walls - I have a feeling a new Adversary Mode in GTA Online will inspire quite a bit of colorful language. In Every Bullet Counts, four players are confined to a small area with naught but a hatchet/machete, two bullets for their Marksman Pistol (a one-shot kill gun), and the will to be the last one standing.

If you're already forming strategies in your head, don't think you can just stay hidden and camp your way to victory; players who sit motionless for more than five seconds will be revealed on the radar, making you an easy target.

Every Bullet Counts can be accessed through the featured playlist on the GTA5 main menu. Select it and you'll be whisked through all four available Every Bullet Counts maps, one after the other.

Keep your eyes - and your weapons - sharp, players.

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Sam Prell

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