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New GTA 5 PC screens are so damn nice

Rockstar's released a gaggle of new images which show the heights of visual acuity PC players can soon hope to see for themselves in GTA 5. My oh my, are they pretty.

The screenshots provide a nice cross-section of Los Santos, Blaine County, and the three sociopathic protagonists at the heart of GTA 5. The real star here, though, is that lighting. Look at those picture-perfect reflections and super-cinematic lens flares! Kinda hard to believe it's the same game we were playing on PS3 and Xbox 360.

Of course, if you want the game to look this good and not run at about the same speed as a PowerPoint presentation on economic theory, you'll likely need to go above and beyond the recommended specs. If an expensive graphics card isn't in your budget at the moment, you can always meander over to Rockstar's site and feast your eyes on more huge, beautiful screens.

GTA 5's PC version will release worldwide on April 14.

Connor Sheridan
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