New Gears update revealed

Epic's latest update for Gears of War, which adds newAchievements and fixes, is set to go live tomorrow.

The patch makes use of new Microsoft guidelines allowing developers to add 250 extra GamerPoints via download content.

The new Gears Achievements cover the recently added Annex game mode and Hidden Fronts map pack, so really you're going to have to spend some money somewhere down the line to get at them.

A bit of housekeeping has also gone on in the Roadie Run game mode, which now sports improved controls said to give players "greater control of their movement," though we're not quite sure how.

The patch also fixes a number of known multiplayer exploits.

The Hidden Fronts map pack, in case you've held off until now, is still available on Xbox Live Marketplace for 800 MS points ($10) with four new maps. Wait until September 3rd though and they'll be free of charge.

June 13, 2007