New Fire Emblem game with an original story reportedly leaks online

Fire Emblem Warriors - Three Hopes
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A brand new and unannounced Fire Emblem game has reportedly been leaked online and has been complete for quite some time now. 

Originally starting out as a report from Nintendo leaker Emily Rogers (thanks, Eurogamer), it has since been backed up by another leaker who has also shared screenshots of the supposed project in the Fire Emblem subreddit. According to both leakers, this new project will have a brand new story and is not a remake of any kind. Eurogamer also reports that the project is real, to its understanding. 

In their original post, Rogers said that the game is a collaboration between Intelligent Systems, Koei Tecmo, and Gust (a division of Koei Tecmo Holdings). Speaking of Gust, Rogers also revealed that the studio has heavily assisted with the visuals/graphics and that they are an improvement over Fire Emblem: Three Houses. The leaker has also said that the project was originally intended as an anniversary game to celebrate Fire Emblem’s 30th anniversary and that it has been finished for "over a year."

The post also reveals a little about the game’s characters and gameplay. According to Rogers, this mysterious Fire Emblem game's main character (main lord) has red and blue hair and a mother who is a dragon. The game allegedly introduces a new 'Emblems' gimmick that allows players to summon Fire Emblem characters from the past for their squad. 

To give these claims a little more credibility, someone else has come forward to not only confirm these details but also share alleged screenshots of the game. The screenshots do look a little dated now, perhaps due to being from an early build of the game, but they do feature a character with red and blue hair - just like Rogers suggested.  

the_new_mainline_fire_emblem_leak_is_real from r/fireemblem

According to this leaker, "some aspects of it seem to be reused from the canceled Wii [Fire Emblem] game." This leaker has also shared that this Fire Emblem title will introduce many new characters and that the previously rumored Fire Emblem 4 remake is real too. But no other details about FE4 were shared.

Of course, it’s always best to take any kind of leak with a grain of salt. It’s exciting to think that we could be getting a new Fire Emblem game but until Nintendo or otherwise officially announce it, it’s probably best to be patient and wait to see if this game ever sees the light of day or not. 

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