New FFIV DS trailer must be seen

As Final Fantasy fans can tell you, Square Enix knows a thing or two about how to put together awesome CGI movies, and that's exactly what they've done for Final Fantasy IV on DS.

FFIV is being re-released AGAIN (after having been ported to GBA) as part of Square's Final Fantasy 20th Anniversary celebration. This time the game will sport new 3D visuals put together by Matrix Software, who also handled the 3D DS conversion of FF III. New content is also expected.

The new trailer can be found on the "Party 2007 Special Trairer" page (yes they spelt trailer like that, we're not taking the guff for it) of theofficial Square Enix site.

It doesn't contain any in-game footage and it's all in Japanese, but if you call yourself a FF fan you'll get in there and reary rove it.

May 30, 2007