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There's a new Fear Effect on the way (aim for about 'medium' excitement)

Super quick history lesson on Fear Effect for the uninitiated: cell shaded horror shooter in the pre-rendered background style of the early Resi games. Made a few ripples with a mature and interesting debut and then traded heavily on having a lesbian couple centre stage for the sequel with some overtly sexualised ads. There you go, now you remember it.

Anyway it's back, resurrected as part of Square's open call for devs to pitch games for old and unused licenses according to Eurogamer. And instead of looking like a cel-shaded Resi, it's now sporting a more of an indie, turn based tactical role-playing which looks like this:

It's work of French studio Sushee, which currently consists of 10 people and is planning to launch a Kickstarter to fund the game's development on the 12th of April. Square own the license here but as far as the games funding and production goes that's down to Sushee (save five per cent of the funds raised which Square take to help over its costs).

The story will pick up after the second and third unreleased game, continuing the story rather than rebooting it. Currently, the €100, 000 Kickstarter target is for a PC version with consoles added as a Stretch goal..

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Leon Hurley
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