New Double Agent screens

Ubisoft lobbed a batch of new Splinter Cell Double Agent screens at us, so we've collected them together and put 'em up on the site for you to check out. In addition to the fresh shots, there's also a website you can now visit at that includes the usual load-out of game info, trailers and wallpaper for your computer.

The eight new screens we've got highlight some of the exploits we got to see Sam participate in first-hand at E3. There are a couple scenes of the freezing iceberg environment where Sam can swim beneath the ice to take his targets down unaware in addition to a few screens of the free-roaming African civil war level in which Sam can choose to get his hands dirty with rebel enemies or focus on only the mission at hand. For more information on Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Double Agent, check out ourpreview.

June 19, 2006