New details for Mario and Sonic at the Olympics

Sept 26, 2007

We’veknown for a whilethat Mario and Sonic at the Olympics would feature such classics as the high jump, the javelin throw, and at least one aquatics event; and just yesterday we got the full scoop onall 16 playable characters. What we didn’t know until today was where the Wii fit into this crazy cross-over game, and what Olympic events we could play.

Mario and Sonic at the Olympics will feature each of the following events for both single- and multiplayer:

  • Fencing %26ndash; Individual ep%26eacute;e
  • Archery
  • Shooting %26ndash; Skeet
  • Gymnastics - Trampoline
  • Gymnastics - Vault
  • Field - High Jump
  • Field - Pole Vault
  • Field - Long Jump
  • Field - Triple Jump
  • Field %26ndash; Javelin Throw
  • Field - Hammer Throw
  • Rowing %26ndash; Single Sculls
  • Table Tennis - Singles
  • Aquatics %26ndash; 100m Freestyle
  • Aquatics %26ndash; 4x100m Freestyle
  • Track %26ndash; 110m and 400m Hurdles
  • Track %26ndash; 4x100m Relay
  • Track %26ndash;100m and 400m

Here’s where the Wii gets its chance to shine; other games have covered fencing, archery and table tennis (Sonic and the Secret Rings, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Rockstar’s Table Tennis) - but the pole vault, the javelin throw, skeet shooting? Sega’s been a little vague with just how players will have to hold their Wii Remotes for each event (fingers crossed, skeet shooting will play out like Duck Hunt), but we’re betting that we’d better break out the Icy Hot because this game promises to pull some tendons. Remember to keep those wrist straps tight.

Mario and Sonic at the Olympics for the Wii hits shelves November 20, 2007 and will make its way to the DS sometime in 2008.