New Daft Punk Tron track

Daft Punk Tron Legacy

Fans of all things Daft and Punky, strap your headphones on now - ready? Excellent, because Disney's European Studios have released a banging new track from the Tron Legacy score.

And that's not all - the video, which comes in at just under two minutes, features some brand new footage, along with the French dance duo's cameo.

Check it out below;

How good is that? The Total Film office is abuzz with electronic beats and proclamations of 'this will be the greatest film ever made'.

Perhaps a bit soon for that kind of endorsement, but with a score this good, Tron Legacy is going to deliver in at least two departments (you know what we're referring to, Garrett Hedlund fans).

Tron Legacy is released December 17 2010.