New Astro Boy Images Released

The lovely folks at have got their hands on a couple of tasty new teasers from the upcoming big screen outing of Astro Boy.

The pic, based on the Japanese Manga and tv show created by Anime legend Tezuka, follows the titular tin man, created by brilliant scientist Tenma after the tragic death of his son, as he discovers what it means to be human.

This CG adaptation features the voice talent of Nicolas Cage, Freddie Highmore, Kristin Bell, Charlize Theron, Samuel L. Jackson, Bill Nighy, Nathan Lane and Donald Sutherland, and is blasting it's way to these fair shores early next year.

The new images show our hero fighting the Battlebot Samurai, followed by a succession of very big and very nasty robots.

It is during the scuffle that Astro Boy discovers the full extent of his latent powers, including superstrength, superspeed, flight and x-ray vision. were big fans of the cartoon back in the day, and if this is as true to the spirit of the original as it clains to be, then we feel very sorry for those big, nasty robots indeed.

Looking forward to Astro Boy ? Have these images piqued your interest? Comment away!