New Amnesia: The Bunker gameplay trailer is a survival blueprint - "The f*cker hates light"

Amnesia: The Bunker has released 10 minutes of uncut gameplay footage showing how you're supposed to survive in a WW1-era dugout with faulty lighting and a monstrous stalker on your tail.

Fortunately for the player, the monster you'll get to know all too well in the new Amnesia game has one major vulnerability: "The fucker hates light," as the player character puts it in the new gameplay trailer. That means any source of light is your best defense against whatever horror you're trapped with in the titular bunker, be it your crank-operated flashlight or the facility's daisy-chained overhead lights.

It's here that the main dynamic of Amnesia: The Bunker is revealed. There are generators, because of course there are, that can be powered up to activate lights around the map and keep you safe, but like most things in the early 20th century, they run on gas. No gas means no lights, so you have to constantly worry about the fuel levels in your generators unless you want to become monster food.

You'll also have to find ways to progress through a fairly labyrinthian map, as opposed to prior Amnesia games which were largely linear. In the new trailer we can see the player character use various objects, including a big ol' brick and a grenade, to break through barricades and move on. 

We never actually see the monster in the footage, but boy do we hear it. The sounds of its visceral screaming - not to mention the gruesome corpses of soldiers lying around - are near-constant reminders of the severity of your predicament. At the end of the trailer, we get the closest we have so far to laying eyes on the creature, but just as shots ring out from your revolver the screen fades to black. What a cliffhanger.

Amnesia: The Bunker is due out May 16 on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. Here are the best horror games to play in the meantime.

Jordan Gerblick

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