NBA Street spiritual successor 3on3 Freestyle aiming for a slam dunk on PS4

It's been too long since we had a proper NBA Street game, and something tells me we never will again. Not all is lost though - developer Joycity is looking to bring that same cartoonish, arcade-y basketball feeling to PlayStation 4 late this year with 3on3 Freestyle.

Over on the PlayStation Blog, Joycity managing director Marc Guerrier describes 3on3 as an online multiplayer-focused basketball game with local co-op options and a story written by the former lead narrative designer on Star Wars 1313. Because when you make a game about street hoops, you don't mess around.

Players will build their team strategically, as each character specializes in one area over another, such as long-range shots or aggressive drives and dunks. You'll also be able to customize each character's look.

When it launches in Q4 2016, 3on3 Freestyle will be free to play. If you want to check it out for yourself ahead of launch, you can register to be part of a closed beta that starts today and will run until October 17.

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