NASCAR is unbelievably popular, but the prospect of driving in an oval, lap after repetitive lap, has started to get a little tired... no matter how fast you go. Enter NASCAR, EA's attempt to spice things up by digging deeper into the sport than simply picking your line and blindly adhering to it.

Make no mistake, that helpful green band still appears on the track to guide you along the fastest way from point A to point B (and then back through A, around to B again and so on and so on), but this time you'll need to keep a few other things in mind. Strategy plays a big part in this iteration of NASCAR (the first for the PSP), so you'll want to carefully consider whether or not it's worth it to bash into another racer and send them careening into the wall - you'll lose some skill points, but if it takes Jeff Gordon out of the race, you might want to go ahead and paste him. Fuel usage and tire wear also play a big part in how you'll run your races, so there's no lack of concerns while keeping a firm grip on the wheel.