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  • DS | Submitted by LandofFireNinja

    2 Jutsu Combos

    Any part of the game

    I just figured this out while playing:

    Naruto: Multi/Shadow Clone Jutsu + Sasuke: Demon Wind Shuriken = Transform Shuriken

    And this is a good one:

    Naruto: Multi/Shadow Clone Jutsu + Neji: Byakugan + Naruto: Naruto Uzumaki Barrage = Flexible Uzumaki Barrage

    No need to thank me.

Naruto: Path of the Ninja Unlockables

  • DS | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Unlock Rasengan

    After the Third HokageÂ’s funeral, Konohamaru will be at the top level balcony of the Ninja Academy. To find him, lead Naruto up the stairway to the left upon entering the academy, then straight through the corridor to the stairs at the end.

    When Naruto speaks with Konohamaru he will give him the opportunity to place the summoning sheet and unlock the secret technique!

    First cut out the Naruto Rasengan Summoning Sheet. After speaking to Konohamaru and choosing “Summon sheet,” place it over your Nintendo DS Touch Pad and press the Hidden Leaf Village symbols in the order they are numbered. If all goes well, Naruto will be given the ability to execute the Rasengan in battle!

    Naruto must create Shadow Clones first to assist in creating the Rasengan. That means you must choose to use either his Shadow Clone or Multi Shadow Clone jutsu before the Rasengan can be executed.

    With Shadow Clones created, the Rasengan will then become available. It uses up a ton of chakra, but does an immense amount of damage and effects a large group of opponents in a selected area!

    After spiraling the stylus on the Touch Page to build up chakra, Naruto will release his Rasengan to mow down the enemy!